Artist Websites to Showcase Your Work

Whether you’re a professional artist or simply consider art a creative outlet, having a website is essential. Sharing individual photos of your work on Instagram or Facebook is good, but having a website where you can display all of your art is better. And if you’re interested in selling your pieces, a website is the best way to get found by and connect with potential buyers.

Are you tired of explaining your art to others because the photo on your phone is so small? Our artist websites include a portfolio or gallery page where you can display your art in its full glory. Add new photos as you complete new pieces and let interested parties contact you for commissioned work. You’ll be able to link up all your social media accounts to grow interest in your work and share your story and inspirations with the world.

Our Artist Websites Include:

  • Homepage
  • Bio or About page
  • Portfolio or Gallery page
  • Contact page
  • Social media links

Optional Add-On Services:

  • Blog
  • Instagram feed
  • Monthly maintenance plan
  • Ongoing website management
  • Business cards



Domain registration and hosting costs not included.

Paint Yourself in the Best Light

You wouldn’t draw a self portrait with a dull pencil or sculpt a bowl with dry clay. Why build a website using inferior tools? Don’t limit yourself with do-it-yourself solutions that don’t do your art justice. We design websites that make your art the star, whether being viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Our artist websites are created using WordPress, the most popular website building software on the planet. Featuring a user-friendly interface and thousands of plugins, your website will work just as good as it looks. You can even take advantage of WordPress’s blogging capabilities to share news and personal insights with your fans.

Whether you paint, draw, sculpt or create in another way, our websites for artists will do your work proud. We do all the setup for you and can even handle ongoing updates for a small monthly fee. Plus, we offer flexible pricing plans to meet your budget.

Contact us today to get started.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
– Edgar Degas